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Hi, I'm Rayan

I am a software developer specializing in web development, with over 2 and a half years of experience. I have a great passion for software programming and am constantly striving to improve my skills and knowledge. I am interested in integrating new technologies into high quality and innovative software solutions.
I enjoy challenges and creativity in my work.

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer PHP / Laravel

Hello, my name is Rayan.
I am a backend interface developer specialized in web application development using Laravel and PHP.
I have strong experience in building and maintaining the backend system using Laravel, and I use the PHP programming language to develop and implement the core logic of applications.
In addition, I have skills in interface design using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.
I can convert innovative designs into modern and attractive user interfaces.
I am familiar with building REST APIs using Laravel, where I can design and implement API interfaces based on web principles.
Additionally, I use Postman to test and document APIs, ensuring their efficient performance and responsiveness.
I am also knowledgeable in managing MySQL databases and using phpMyAdmin as a tool for data management and maintenance.
I can create and update tables, execute complex queries, and ensure data security.
I always strive to provide effective and innovative solutions according to client requirements.
I am enthusiastic about continuous learning and keeping up with the latest technologies and practices in the web development field.
If you have any questions or a project that needs assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.
I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals.

All of that enabled me to

Develop backend using Laravel & PHP.
Design frontend using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.
Build RESTful APIs with Laravel.
Testing an API by Postman
Database management MySQL / phpmyadmin

My Works

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